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mr. ridgeway, you got that wicked style

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hahaha, L&I... [Feb. 16th, 2005|02:41 pm]
mr. ridgeway, you got that wicked style



"Dec. 22, 2003

------------- L&I MEDIA ADVISORY -------------
Convicted Green River killer Gary Ridgway's comments to investigators about receiving workers' compensation benefits for injuries he actually incurred during his murders have been widely reported.

The Department of Labor and Industries wants to clarify that during the many years in which Ridgway committed these murders, he worked for a company that is a self-insured employer. L&I does not handle claims or fraud recovery for self-insured employers. Ridgway did not receive workers' compensation benefits or payments from L&I while he was committing his murders.

(Self-insured employers provide any and all appropriate benefits to injured workers. These employers are responsible for the payment of benefits during the time a claim is open. L&I's role with self-insurers is to ensure compliance with its rules and regulations and to review the financial strength of the self-insurer to ensure that workers' compensation obligations can be met.)"